Apple Watch over-hyped? Researchers question user defection

Magical device is slow, limited, annoying, spendy (it’s about time)

Survey says: The Apple Watch owners who’ve stopped using the device tell us why. Apparently, it doesn’t give them enough value, it’s limited, slow, or it gets poor battery life.

There were other reasons cited, too—such as the blank screen requiring waking up and the need to be tied to an iPhone. Some also said it was too expensive. Imagine that.

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This scribbler is disappointed that the platform hasn’t advanced much. Dan Frommer sums up his thoughts with Half a year later, the Apple Watch feels like a stalled platform:

Seven months later...while I still enjoy using it and recommend buying it, I’m starting to feel the limitations.

I’m still only using it for a few tasks...pretty much the same ways I used the watch when I first got it.

I’ve searched for...compelling new uses of the device, but they are nowhere to be found.

After months of use, it’s increasingly clear...what needs to change. ... The watch needs to be untethered from the iPhone.

Apple has likely sold more than 5 million of them so far. ... It’s still far short of a hit.

But that’s just a tech bubble PoV, no? Ben Najarin polled 340 real people—Apple Watch and Dissatisfaction:

To be able to study a user base this early in the lifecycle of a new computing platform is proving quite insightful.

We found and asked 340 people who have...moved on from the Apple share their thoughts.

Many thought the Apple Watch was too slow, particularly around data retrieval and third party apps. ... Many commented on their desire to have the watch face be visible at all times and not have to charge daily. [Many] said they would have liked it more if it was more independent from the iPhone. [Many] suggested the price was too high.

I remain convinced there is something here with this category. However, we have to remember it is young.

But most users are basically happy. Users such as Jeff Byrnes, who has reservations, but studies the dozen reasons why people are unhappy with Apple Watch:

Apple Watch [has] a 97 percent user satisfaction rate, [but] what of the remainder of those who purchased [it]?

The most common reason...was a lack of value. ... Others cited that the wearable device was too limited, too slow, and that it was annoying having to...raise [their] wrist to wake. ... Almost 60 percent...were unhappy with the device’s battery life.

I would have to agree that Apple Watch is a bit slow. ... I’ve found myself using [3rd-party] apps less and less, relying instead on the more reliable and speedier complications and Glances. Even those...are sometimes very slow to refresh.

People like people like us. People like Philip Elmer-DeWitt—Top 12 Reasons People Gave Up on the Apple Watch:

My pet peeve, the tilt-to-view-time feature, which works haphazardly at best, was the fourth most cited.

Meanwhile, trust your local spittle-flecked commentator to cut to the chase. Here’s Leigh Hincks:

I can think of 3 immediately. Its ugly, stupid and useless.

And Finally...

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