Pepsi Phone P1 phablet looks amazing (but you can't buy it)

And will it bring back your ancestors from the dead?
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Pepsi Phone P1 official confirmed
Shenzhen Scooby Communication Equipment Co., Ltd

Pepsi is making an Android phone: Yes, the rumors were true: It’s called the Pepsi Phone P1. Well, it’s not so much “making” a smartphone as licensing its brand to a Chinese ODM.

But you can’t just buy one. It’s up on some sort of Chinese crowdfunding site, so who knows if/when you’d ever receive anything. But it’s gotta be better than diabetes, right?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder the trustworthiness of JD Finance. Not to mention: Box of Yellowjackets...

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It was made official on the Chinese site Weibo. Here's Srivatsan Sridhar—Pepsi Phone P1s official – 5.5-inch 1080p display, 4G LTE and fingerprint sensor for $110:

[It's] powered by an Octa-Core MediaTek MT6592 processor and runs on dido OS based on Android 5.1 .

It has an aluminum unibody design...a finger print sensor on the back [and] dual SIM support.

Shenzhen Scooby Communication Equipment Co., Ltd will manufacture the phone.

But there's an odd twist: crowdfunding. Jacob Kleinman—Pepsi P1s Android smartphone official with fingerprint reader, 5.5-inch display:

The device is official. It will be sold through a crowd-funding site. ... That’s right, Pepsi, the gigantic multinational corporation...has decided to crowdfund a smartphone.

You can actually pre-order [it] for as little as 699 yuan ($110). ... Beyond its price, the Pepsi P1s actually packs some pretty decent specs.

We wouldn’t count on Pepsi to push out software updates [but if] you don’t mind shipping the device from China, this really isn’t a terrible option.

Is there a pattern here? Rik Henderson thinks so—Pepsi really is making an Android phone: Pepsi Phone P1 pops up in China:

It seems everybody wants a slice of the Android smartphone pie these days. BlackBerry has entered the market...and now, more bizarrely, soft drinks manufacturer Pepsi wants in on the action too.

The Pepsi Phone P1 [is] appearing on crowdfunding website JD of China's answers to Kickstarter.

Bar the name it's just a mid-range 4G handset. ... No word, however, on whether Pepsi plans to bring [it] over to the UK or US.

Can you contain your enthusiasm? John Dye is dying to see it—It’s official: Pepsi is crowdsourcing a smartphone:

The one thing that remains to be seen is whether or not there will be enough interest in the device for the campaign to meet its goals [but] that’s some pretty impressive bang for your buck.

The first 1000 supporters who pledged $78 (499 Yuan) will receive a P1...which was a screaming deal that is sadly no longer available.

And Finally...

Box of Yellowjackets
[when you see it, you'll **** yourself]

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