7 iPad Pro apps to illustrate its productive potential

These seven great apps (none of them games) help show how productive iPad Pro could become

I think these apps provide a great insight into the potential of Apple’s new platform. Most of them offer additional features for an extra fee, but you will probably enjoy trying the free versions all the same.

AutoCAD 360

I can still remember the excitement when Autodesk first began bringing its powerful applications to Apple’s platforms – today you can get into CAD using an iPad. The large Apple tablet provides a huge canvas, while the highly responsive software lets you view, create, edit and share CAD drawings.

Why I like it: This isn’t just exciting when you think about the size and cost of the systems we used to need in order to engage in CAD design; it’s also exciting in terms of opening up opportunity and flexibility in that part of the design industry by putting these tools into the hands of more people. (Get it)

Morpholio Trace

Archinect calls this “the next generation of tracing paper” and when you use it on an iPad Pro it makes complete sense. Trace lets you draw on top of imported images, background templates or simply add comments to existing items, writing with an Apple Pencil. Just like all the iPad Pro products, it uses a palette of tools made available to either side of the screen.

Why I like it: I think this is a solution architects, designers, photographers, artists or anyone working with images will want to make use of. (Get it)

imovie Apple


iMovie just gets better. On the iPad Pro this app provides you with a high-performance 4K video editing suite, numerous special effects and editing features. Bring those 4K movies you’ve shot with your iPhone onto your iPad, make a movie in a few minutes. What makes this even more impressive is that performance is so swift and stable in comparison to the systems I used in the past.

Why I like it: I believe Apple’s iTunes will eventually offer 4K movie (SuperHD) movies as a service – but right now the challenge is to seed the market with affordable tools to create this content. That’s precisely what this app provides. (Get it)

byjonnyevans Jonny Evans

Tayasui Sketches

There are other sketching and drawing apps (Paper by FiftyThree and Procreate 3 by Savage Interactive are also great) but I fell for Sketch. As the imageI created and included directly above proves, possession of powerful tools doesn’t unleash artistic potential if you don’t have any. But for a real natural – joyous -- feeling of sketching I find this combination hard to beat.

Why I like it: So fluid and with a range of additional tools you can purchase if you wish, I’ll spend lots of time in this app. I think the size of the iPad Pro screen helps you unleash your ideas. There’s also an Undo swipe! (Get it)


I’ve written about the impact of Apple technology on sports coaching before. Hudl on an iPad Pro means these tablets will be at the side lines of an increasing number of sporting events, particularly as the solution integrates the world-renowned Sportstec solution. Coaches and sports analysts can hone in on the action using this app, which lets them record games, share and watch videos and create notes to help explain the action.

Why I like it: This kind of sports technology can make a huge difference in sporting achievement, so I have to see any step to make these tools more accessible as a good thing.

umake thewave01 uMake

Honorable mention too to uMake on iPad Pro, a fantastic, powerful tool to help deaigners create 3D models of their designs. And all of this is only the beginning.

Adobe Photoshop series

Adobe has released a range of powerful iPad Pro apps, Photoshop Fix, Mix, Comp and Sketch. All of these are powerful solutions designed to help you get so much more from your images, including tools for vector graphics, image mixing and augmentation. I’m not so impressed that Adobe insists you create an Adobe ID before it lets you really test these products, but if you do work with images these apps will likely remain the poster children for image manipulation on mobile devices. Or use Pixelmator.

Why I like it: See above: “Poster children for image manipulation on mobile devices”.(Get Photoshop Mix)


I believe iPad Pro really offers something to enterprise users and Join.me is a first out the gate example of what I anticipate will be a wave of Unified Communications products for enterprise users. Meet, collaborate, share presentations and documents, and make conference calls. There are also tools for collaboration, including an interactive collaborative whiteboard. This is a turning point to make UC solutions pervasive and accessible. (Get it)

Why I like it: Digital transformation of the enterprise is a reality, and as workforces become mobile you’ll see UC solutions like these everywhere. This is a great example of this app category.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short collection.

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