Well, it was spam-ish, right?

This company's corporate email is managed by a third-party provider -- but something isn't quite right, reports an IT pilot fish there.

"This provider checks for suspicious emails, and when they're found they are put in quarantine," fish says.

"Some time overnight, I get an email telling me I received quarantined messages. I can click on a link in the email and log in to my email to view the messages safely, and can mark them as not spam or delete them.

"It's very unusual to not get a notification, although some days I may only have one or two emails in there and other days a lot more.

"One day I didn't get a quarantine email. OK, I figured, a rare day with no junk.

"The next morning I got a quarantine email, and clicked on the link to view the messages.

"And there among my quarantined messages I found the previous day's email telling me I had quarantined messages..."

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