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Update #2: The Apple iPad Pro is released, and the reviews are in. It’s a mixed bag, as usual, but there’s definitely some lingering confusion about for whom and for what this convertible iOS tablet is designed.

Is it just a bigger iPad? Or does the added size genuinely give you more usefulness?

Does it replace your laptop? Or is the “iPhone OS” still too limiting as a productivity platform?

Not to mention the (ahem) inevitable comparisons with Microsoft’s Surface line.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers debate and discuss. Not to mention: Moog vs. Soviet clone...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.
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Andrew Cunningham darns it to heck, with faint praise:

The iPad Pro is bringing a MacBook Air-level processor, more memory, a larger screen, and a first-party keyboard. ... Apple is explicitly positioning [it] as something that can replace a notebook or desktop.

[It] looks just like an iPad Air 2 that's been grabbed by the corners and stretched. ... Holding the tablet with one hand...gets uncomfortable quickly.

iOS 9’s multitasking still needs a lot of work. [With] The Smart Keyboard [it] can roughly approximate certain aspects of your laptop.

The iPad Pro’s battery life is respectable...not mind-blowing. [But] it takes around four-and-a-half hours to completely recharge.

[It] is expensive—it’s priced like a primary computing a high-end Ultrabook.

I’m having a uniquely hard time putting myself in the shoes of [the] iPad Pro buyer...who Tim Cook believes will replace a laptop.  MORE

As John Gruber seems to say, “It's the ARM engineering, stupid”:

When Apple introduced the original iPad in was, in short, just a big iPhone.

The iPad Pro now impresses solely by dint of its engineering. Anyone who doesn’t see this is blinded by...the first few iPads.

For the moment, put aside the form factor...conceptual...and software differences. ... Right now, today, the iPad Pro is a peer to the current lineup of MacBooks in terms of...performance.

We’ve now reached an inflection point. ... The entire x86 computer architecture is living on borrowed time.

With the iPad Pro, the keyboard is even more important than it is on a MacBook — and today, it falls short.

The iPad Pro strikes me as a seminal device. ... The future of mass market portable computing involves neither a mouse pointer nor an x86 processor.  MORE

But Dave Mark struggles to get it:

I’m struggling to get the placement. ... Certainly, it’s easy to understand what a tremendous boon the iPad Pro/Apple Pencil combination is for artists.

My struggle is in overcoming the notion of [it] as just a really big iPad. Can [it] ever replace a laptop running OS opposed to a supplementary portable device?

There’s something about having my laptop anchored with my hands completely free to move. ... That and the ability to effortlessly change the angle of the screen. ... For any iPad to replace my laptop, it has to solve that ergonomic issue.  MORE

Meanwhile, Paul Turrott waxes some excoriating snark:

We had that before—we called it a Surface RT.

Oh no! Actually, Surface RT was more powerful. ... Sorry, my mistake.

Why did Apple make the iPad Pro really? I don’t think they communicated it very effectively. ... What it’s really about is this notion of there being a crossover market, where...if we have one device that can do two things, that might be particularly businesses.  

And that's Microsoft’s historically strong market. ... A phone that can transform into a computer is in many ways...more useful than a tablet that can transform into a computer. It’s a bigger market, potentially.  MORE

So Darren Cohen gets real:

Developers, developers, developers as an ex CEO once said. The iPad and iPad pro have a growing app store.

Tim Cook is right that this is the future of computing for a majority of people. ... It will happen, and Microsoft knew this would happen [but] Apple has something Microsoft never did, that is the ecosystem to back up such devices.

This is exactly a continuation of [Steve Jobs'] idea that the iPad would replace the PC.  MORE

Update 2: iPad Pro or 2-in-1 laptop? Ken Mingis says your choice “really depends on how it’ll be used”:

The iPad Pro is a breakthrough device. But I'm not yet sure what it's breaking through.

[But] it's good to see Apple finally fire back in the hybrid wars first launched by the Surface in 2012. ... Sort of like the old days of the 1990s, with two big innovators continually trying to one-up each other.  MORE

But David Lane isn’t sure what all the fuss is about:

I am not 100% sure what the "productivity" argument is all about.

Now I don't use my iPad for photo editing or intense layout, that is reserved for my PC, but writing, simple spreadsheets and pretty much everything else I do is possible on my mobile devices today.  MORE

And Bradley Larcher turns Apple’s metaphor around:

Meanwhile the Surface Pro runs full blown Windows and wipes the floor with it. ... There's no justifying the price.

Tim said recently that the Surface Book is diluted and does a lousy job at what its meant to do. If that's diluted then this product is water.  MORE

Update 2: The pseudonymous antler’ed one says you’re all being “obtuse”:

Are you new here? To the Internet? First day? Is that it?

Tim Cook said: “The iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people.” ... This is not up for debate. ... Unless, say, you work at the debate mills and your overbearing, union-busting foreman insists the mills must run.

Did Cook say that all Mac users must hand over their Macs to Apple’s jack-booted thugs? ... “Many people” is the new “everyone.”

Not all the reviews of the iPad Pro have been perfectly glowing, but...this debate...was over years ago. No one, even Tim Cook, is saying an iPad can do everything. [I’m] not sure why this is so confusing.  MORE

And Finally...
Old-skool Moog synthesizer vs. Soviet Polivoks clone: FIGHT!

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