IT Resume Makeover: How to inject some personality

In a world of bland resumes, color, graphics and creative formatting will get you noticed. But how much is too much? Award-winning resume writer and career coach Donald Burns helps one client successfully add personality in this month's makeover.

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Venkat Srivinisan is a data analytics expert with Ph.D. in computer science. He exudes personality, goodwill, energy and humor. His resume, although impressive, didn't match up with his colorful, energetic and entrepreneurial personality. Though filled with impressive accomplishments (he founded T-Cube, a software company that grew to $25 million within eight years; then in 2011 he sold T-Cube and founded a consulting company, which grew to $8 million and 10 employees) his professionally written, "standard" black-and-white resume didn't fully capture his potential.

Srivinisan aspires to leave entrepreneurship behind and join a corporation where he can focus on research as a CTO or R&D director, and challenged professional resume writer and career coach Donald Burns of Executive Promotions, LLC to create a unique, colorful resume that would more effectively tell his story.

"Because he was re-entering the corporate world after 20 years, Venkat wanted a memorable, high-impact resume that communicated his leadership, creativity, and accomplishments. As an entrepreneur, he embraces new ideas in all areas of life -- including his resume -- so we deployed four creative elements: color, page design, graphics and personality; and his personal brand," Burns says.

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