Googler rips into “dangerous” USB-C cables: Benson Leung (aka LaughingMan)

LaughingMan takes to Amazon reviews to vent his spleen

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USB-C is super-cool. But some cables and adaptors can be “downright dangerous.”

So says a Google employee, who’s been buying them on Amazon and testing to see if they meet the specs or not. A surprising number do not.

Benson Leung is extremely polite in his reviews, but doesn't hold back from calling out products that “blatantly flaunt the spec.”

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Quentyn Kennemer is no fan of dodgy wires:

USB Type-C is an exciting new standard...but some of the accessories...aren’t all great.

In fact, some seem to be dangerous, or so says one Googler. [He] has done his part to list the exact issues in each review

If you’re in need of a USB Type-C accessory soon then you’ll want to see if he has reviewed it to make sure it’s up to par.  MORE

Benson Leung explains himself:

My team at Google has been very big proponents and innovators of USB Type-C. ... It really is an amazing little connector.

I have started reviewing USB cables on Amazon because I have gotten fed up with the early cables from 3rd party vendors that so blatantly flaunt the specification. ... What some...vendors are doing is downright dangerous.

Type-A to Type-C cable from Orzly is not within USB specification, and may cause damage.

TechMatte USB-C to Micro USB not compliant...and will not properly charge Chromebook Pixel.

Juiced Systems...USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable does not follow the USB specification; may cause damage.

Monba USB Micro-B receptacle to Type-C adapter does NOT follow the USB spec, will not charge Chromebook Pixel.

Kupx Micro USB-B receptacle to USB Type-C adapter is not within USB Spec; may cause damage.

CableCreation Micro-B receptacle to Type-C plug adapter is out of spec. May cause damage.  MORE

Kwame Opam churns out this reminder:

USB Type-C is undoubtedly the future, thanks to its reversible design, super-fast speed and high power output.

[But] there's a whole world of third-party cables out there...just waiting to destroy your new device.  MORE

So Kif Leswing draws this conclusion:

Knockoff gadget cables aren’t worth it.

USB-C is very exciting. ... It’s reversible, so there’s no fumbling for the right way to plug it in. It transfers data quickly and can even be plug a monitor into your desktop.

Leung has taken to calling out bad cable vendors in Amazon reviews under the username LaughingMan.  MORE

Sebastian Anthony expands on that theme:

The USB Type C 1.1 specification allows for power delivery of up to 3A, which is enough juice to charge a laptop.

According to Leung, the problem is mostly related to how the cables deal with going from older Type A...connectors to the new Type C connector.

For the time being, until cheap third-party USB Type C cables and adaptors become a little more mature, it's probably a good idea to stick to official products.  MORE

Meanwhile, Todd Townsend has this suggestion for Leung and Google:

You are becoming a minor celebrity on the net.

Would be great if Google could do this for some other products/accessories that work with Google products. Can have a "Verified by Google Engineering" badge or something similar.  MORE

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