Too good to be true: Microsoft ends unlimited OneDrive storage

OneDrive's unlimited storage for Office 365 subscribers was the best value in online storage, but now it's discontinued

All good things come to an end, especially things that might seem too good to be true. Like Microsoft OneDrive's unlimited storage for all Office 365 subscribers. Subscriptions will now be limited to 1TB of OneDrive storage and free OneDrive storage will also be reduced from 15GB to 5GB.

In a blog post explaining the changes, the OneDrive team appeared to blame extreme data users:

Since we started to roll out unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 consumer subscribers, a small number of users backed up numerous PCs and stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings. In some instances, this exceeded 75 TB per user or 14,000 times the average. Instead of focusing on extreme backup scenarios, we want to remain focused on delivering high-value productivity and collaboration experiences that benefit the majority of OneDrive users.

Backing up multiple computers and movie collections doesn't seem an unusual use case for unlimited storage, however, and surely Microsoft took this scenario into consideration when rolling out the unlimited storage feature last year. The company seems to be tightening its belt, as it's reducing both the unlimited storage capacity for OneDrive, the 15GB free storage space for everyone (down to 5GB, still more generous than Dropbox's 2GB of free space), and the 15GB camera roll storage bonus. Microsoft might have a storage problem, now that OneDrive comes built into Windows.

1TB is still a good amount of storage and Office 365 Personal still a good value (besides the 1TB of OneDrive storage, you get Microsoft Office for $6.99/month, compared to 1TB of storage on Dropbox and Google Drive for $9.99/month). It's just disappointing that Microsoft couldn't keep up the unlimited promise.

This makes me fear for the unlimited backup services I rely on, since, as this news shows us, "unlimited" might not be a feasible business model.

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