Windows 10 Fall Update reportedly signed off

But there's still confusion about which build number of the OS, code-named Threshold 2, is the final version

Windows 10 Fall Update reportedly signed off

The usually reliable (but hardly infallible) Windows leaker Faikee reports that a Chinese tech site called IThome has details about Windows 10 Fall Update. According to IThome, Microsoft signed off Windows 10 Fall Update (better known by its code name Threshold 2) yesterday. Here's the Google translation of the Chinese-language announcement:

IT House exclusive blockbuster: Win10 TH2 version sign is completed 2015-11-3 8:43:40. ...According to exclusive news IT House obtained, Win10 TH2 official version has been launched today (Beijing time on November 3) to complete the signing.

@FaiKeeF's Twitter account goes on to say:

Actually I saw different rumors in QQ chat, some said it's build 10576, some said 10586 ...... who knows?

As I explained yesterday, it's unlikely that build 10576 -- the current Insider Fast Ring build -- will be the final Windows 10 Fall Update; it has too many known problems with seemingly simple fixes.

What to expect next? Hard to say. I'd be willing to bet that Microsoft will release the final build first to the Fast (and possibly Slow) Insider test circles, as a cumulative update for all Windows Insider beta builds. If it passes muster, expect to see Windows 10 FU roll out as a forced update, via Windows Update, for all Windows 10 users.

Windows 10 Pro users who are attached to an update server (such as WSUS) will have to get the new version from their update server, and admins will have control over when it'll be pushed. Presumably Win10 Enterprise admins will get the update at around the same time.

After the launch, customers who upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 will presumably get upgraded directly to Windows 10 FU. The timing for that change isn't clear, nor is the timing of the ISO clean-install version.

I still find it hard to believe that Microsoft would roll out Win10 FU to 120 million PCs simultaneously on Nov. 10, Patch Tuesday. But I may be wrong.

I also have to wonder if Microsoft is going to start staging the upgrade bits on Windows 10 PCs, to lessen Microsoft's server meltdown when the green light goes on.

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