Three reasons why Microsoft won't release the new Windows 10 on Nov. 10

Microsoft engineer supposedly said Win10 Threshold 2 will be released Nov. 10 -- and the news has gone viral. Here's why you shouldn't believe it

Three reasons why Microsoft won’t release the new Windows 10 on Nov. 10

How do these things go viral? A Microsoft engineer posting in a Microsoft Answers forum said a November update for Windows 10 will be released on Nov. 10 -- and the crowd went wild.

Now every reporter from the big tech magazines to international news organizations to the local penny saver handouts is saying Microsoft will release the next version of Windows 10 (widely called Windows 10 Fall Update -- a monstrously weird name) on Nov. 10.

So it must be so, right?

I say bah.

First, look at what was actually posted. In a Microsoft Answers forum question titled "When will Cortana be available in India?" the poster asks, "I am from INDIA. I think Cortana is not supported here. How can I have a feel of CORTANA???" And in response, a poster identified as Microsoft Support Engineer Ashish Sondhi replied:


Thank you for your reply,

Cortana will be available in India after November update releasing on November 10th, 2015.

Hope the information helps. Let us know if you need further assistance with Windows, we'll be glad to assist you.

How in the world that turned into "Windows 10 FU will be released on Nov. 10" is anyone's guess. The Microsoft engineer is giving a very polite answer to a question about Cortana in India.

Here are three reasons why Microsoft won't release Windows 10 FU on Nov. 10.

  • Even though it looks like last Thursday's Windows 10 Insider build 10576 is very close to RTM, it has several well-documented problems. If build 10240 is any indication, Microsoft will release a new build (or perhaps forced cumulative updates to the current beta builds) that fix those problems prior to announcing that Windows 10 FU is ready to roll.
  • I expect a lot of fanfare from Microsoft -- and I haven't heard of any invitations going out for the press or others to attend rollout parties. Surely we'll get a webcast. Maybe even Joe Belfiore will step up for a swan song.
  • I just can't imagine Microsoft turning a usually tumultuous Patch Tuesday into a double witching day, with Win 7 patches, Win 8.1 patches, no doubt some other patches, and an upgrade for 120 million or so Windows 10 PCs all rolling out on the same day.

We may well get Windows 10 FU before Nov. 10, or -- more likely -- after. I could be wrong, but I just don't see it happening on a Patch Tuesday. And I don't see the announcement coming in response to a question about Cortana in India.

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