Windows 10 growth tails off — Microsoft plans to force you to upgrade

OS usage share data looks ugly for Microsoft. Will “Windows 10.1” update give it a boost?

Windows 10 share update
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Windows 10 growth has stalled. It's not met expectations for a while, and is getting worse. That's the obvious conclusion from October's usage share numbers. 

So it seems there's panic in Redmond: Microsoft will soon start forcing Windows 10 upgrades on everyone with default settings. That should cause some consternation.

Also, we're expecting a big update next week: Codenamed Threshold 2, it should fix some of the oddities in the initial builds. (Just don't call it “Windows 10.1,” OK?)

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Who will open today's IT Blogwatch? Well, Wayne Williams will:

It’s that time of the month again. ... In October, Windows 10 gained usage share.

However, it’s far from great news for Microsoft as Windows 10’s growth once again slowed. [It] went from 6.63 percent to 7.94 percent, an increase of 1.31...points. In the previous month it grew by 1.42.

What does Microsoft have to do? [Threshold 2] is due this month, will that make it more appealing?  MORE

Gordon Kelly knows exactly what Microsoft will do, and he's not amused:

Mass upgrades to Windows 10 from all Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers are about to begin.

Windows 10 has been reclassified as an “Optional” update in Windows Update. ... In “early” 2016...Microsoft will again reclassify Windows 10 as a “Recommended” update [so] the vast majority of users will find the Windows 10 install process starts up on their machines...a dramatic change of focus.

Microsoft [is] dressing ‘choice’ up as ‘you can just keep saying No.’  MORE

An apologetic Alex Wilhelm checks in:

[So] Windows 10 has moved up from 110 million devices, to 120 million.

Three months and 120 million devices, provided that the...number isn’t bat****, is still slightly better than I expected.

Early innings are early, and all that.  MORE

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Ashish Sondhi has more on that earlier "Threshold 2" reference:

[The] November update [is] releasing on November 10th, 2015.

Hope the information helps.  MORE

Zac Bowden explains:

Microsoft was planning to launch the Windows 10 “Fall Update” on November 2nd, but...was unable to sign off on a final build last week.

But according to a Microsoft Support Engineer, the 10th it is.

Features include UI improvements, Edge improvements and a new Messaging app.  MORE

Update 1: Woody Leonhard suggests how to prevent a forced upgrade:

GWX Control Panel [now] protects users from coerced Windows 10 updates.

This update goes further in cleaning out the gunk if you're stuck with the Upgrade to Windows 10 notice.

I suggest that all Windows 7 and 8.1 customers download the latest version of GWX Control Panel.

When you're ready to install Windows 10 on your own terms, you can turn the...mechanism back on.  MORE

Update 2: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes steps back:

Whenever there's any discussion related to usage share there's a tendency for people to focus on the minutia as opposed to the bigger picture.

Back when it was revealed that Windows 10 would be a free upgrade, I would have wagered that adoption would be far more aggressive (after all...people love getting free stuff).

I don't think that forcing users to upgrade will help.

Windows 10 isn't a bad operating system. ... Threshold 2...will help, but there's nothing showstopping.  MORE

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