Network jobs are hot; salaries expected to rise in 2016

Wireless network engineers, network admins, and network security pros can expect above-average pay gains.

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Network professionals continue to be among the toughest IT talent to find and hire – a situation that will drive up salaries in the coming year.

Sometimes networking doesn't get the publicity of "in vogue" tech topics such as mobility, cloud computing or big data, "but we continue to see that it's critical for organizations, and finding highly skilled people to fill those roles is a struggle,” says John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half Technology.

Every quarter, Robert Half Technology surveys CIOs on the state of hiring, and as part of its survey, CIOs are asked which IT positions are the hardest to fill. “For about 20 straight quarters – I think it's pretty close to that -- the No. 1 role has been network administrator,” Reed says.

“If you're in networking, that continues to bode very well for you.”

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