iPhone “beats” Android for app devs. Uh, srsly?

Tim is contractually obliged to agree

Apple iPhone vs Google Android
Apple, Inc.

The iPhone is easier to develop apps for, compared to Android smartphones. Apple iOS apps are smaller and quicker to write than ones made for Google's Android OS. Amirite, fanbois?

Oh yeah, it must be true: An app developer said so—and claims to have the stats to back that up.

Mind you, n=6, which ain't exactly many. So your mileage may vary. Indeed, the data varied wildly within those six apps.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers break out the popcorn, ringside. Not to mention: Ken Gagne saves the princess a few times...

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Kevin Tofel counts his pennies:

The choice to develop apps for either iOS or Android [is] also about which will take less effort, [being] available quicker and cheaper.

Infinum shared statistics on its last six development projects. [It cost] 30 percent more...time and effort to build for Android [because] Swift and Objective-C for iOS are less verbose than Java...Android emulators are slower...and that Android's use of XML for app layouts isn't as efficient.

Does one app developer's experience mirror the entire industry? Not likely. ... But the reasons Infinum provide...are surely something any developer should be considering.  MORE

And Jacob Siegal is off the gold standard:

Not all platforms are created equal..

Infinum found that [Android] required 38% more coding. [They] used a service called Productive in order to keep track [and] found that they were spending ~30% more time developing on Android.

Having to write more code means working longer and more potential bugs. ... Fragmentation [means] more devices to test against [so] more potential vendor-specific bugs.  MORE

Infinum's Tomislav Car drives the point home:

[You're fired -Ed.]

We have the metrics to prove it.

You write on average ~40% more code on Android. ... A lot of this code is auto-generated - but [it still] needs to be read, debugged, and maintained.

That means that if we estimate an app at 500 hours to be built for iOS, we estimate...around 650 hours for Android.

What's good here is that the trend is changing. ... In the future this Android tax will probably go down.  MORE

Meanwhile, Ewan Spence thinks he sees a user-defection trend:

As Android struggles with issues of poor security, slow updates, and carrier interference, angry users will be looking for an alternative. Apple...hope[s] that when the time comes to buy a new phone, [it] can swoop in and steal the user away.

Its first app made Apple’s intentions clear. ... Move To iOS...helped move personal data, address books, and even the camera roll. ... Google Play currently reports between one million and five million downloads of the app.

[And] when it releases Apple Music onto Google’s platform...it is going to open up the ears of Android users and start them down the road to Apple with its likely use of an iCloud account.

Tim Cook suggested...14 million sales to former Android users who have decided to abandon Google’s platform [in] the last quarter. ... While there will always be turnover and churn, Apple is happily skimming the cream.  MORE

But Apple isn't the only one making apps for a rival platform, as Stephen Hall effects:

Google has just quietly released a new app on the Play Store, called “Who’s Down”. [It] will apparently...let you see which of your friends are free to hang out.

The app lets you browse what your friends are down for, and you can start a chat from within the app.

The app is also available for iOS.  MORE

Update: Marc Saltzman's words:

You’ve got a choice to make when looking for a new smartphone. ... Choice is good, but it can also be overwhelming.

Out of all of the phones available, iPhone...is probably the easiest to use. ... Apple’s App Store has more than 1.4 million downloads, many of which are free.

There are literally many dozens of Android-powered devices, which give you a lot of choice. ... Heck, even BlackBerry now makes an Android phone. ... At more than 1.5 million downloads, the Google Play store has the most apps out of any mobile operating system.

Now called Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft’s new phone platform will roll out to existing Windows 8.1 devices in December, for free.

BlackBerry 10-powered devices have a few unique features, geared more towards the on-the-go worker bee.  MORE

And Finally...
Let's Play Super Mario Maker: 10 Mario Challenge
[Ken Gagne—late of this parish—says "poopy" once or twice]

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