Windows 10 gets cumulative update 10, KB 3105210, plus patch KB 3106928

KB 3106928 is supposed to make it 'easier to upgrade to Windows 10' -- but it's only being distributed to Windows 10 systems

The forced update march on Windows 10 continues, with very little information available about either of the two patches that Microsoft pushed out overnight.

KB 3105210 appears to be the 10th Windows 10 cumulative update since its release on July 29. The situation's a bit unclear, but here's my unofficial list of Windows 10 cumulative updates:

  • Aug. 5, CU 1 = KB 3081424
  • Aug. 12, CU 2 = KB 3081436
  • Aug. 14, CU 3 = KB 3081438
  • Aug. 18, CU 4 = KB 3081444
  • Aug. 27, CU 5 = KB 3081448
  • Sept. 8, CU 6 = KB 3081455
  • Sept. 15, CU 6.1 = KB 3095020 (for Russian, Bulgarian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, and Tajik locale tags)
  • Sept. 30, CU 7 = KB 3093266
  • Oct. 13, CU 8 = KB 3097617, revised on Oct. 16
  • Oct. 20, CU 9 = KB 3105514
  • Oct. 29, CU 10 = KB 3105210, which is dated Oct. 27, but wasn't actually released until Oct 29

Here's what's odd. This latest cumulative update claims:

This update for Windows 10 includes functionality improvements and resolves the vulnerabilities in Windows that are described in the following Microsoft security bulletins and advisory:

  •     KB3096448 MS15-107: Cumulative security update for Microsoft Edge: October 27, 2015
  •     KB3096441 MS15-106: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer: October 27, 2015

Predictably, if you click on the KB article's links, you'll find nothing. On the TechNet site, though, there's one recent change noted for MS15-106:

V2.0 (October 29, 2015) Bulletin revised to announce the release of a new Windows 10 cumulative update (3105210) to address an additional vulnerability, CVE-2015-6045, which has been added to this bulletin. Only customers running Windows 10 systems need to install this new update.

The only change I could find for MS15-107 dates back to Oct. 16:

V1.1 (October 16, 2015): Bulletin revised to announce a detection change in the 3097617 cumulative update for Windows 10. This is a detection change only. Customers who have already successfully updated their systems do not need to take any action.

That V 1.1 change refers to CU 8, not CU 10. Neither of the updates to the TechNet articles are dated Oct. 29. The original KB articles are dated Oct. 13 (KB 3096448 and KB 3096441), with no note made about further updates. I have no idea what's happening.

The second patch Microsoft released overnight, KB 3106932, took me further down the rabbit hole. According to the KB article:

This update makes improvements to ease the upgrade experience to Windows 10.

Of course, the patch is being distributed to only Windows 10 systems. The KB article says KB 3106932 replaces KB 3081452, which is good: As reported in comments to my story in August about KB 3081452, that patch refused to install on many PCs.

Perhaps we'll wake up soon and see the Mad Hatter.

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