How much of a salary boost can you expect from attending a coding bootcamp?

That depends on your major and how much programming you already do

Coding bootcamps are on the rise as an alternative to traditional schooling for becoming a programmer. But how effective are they at helping graduates get a job as a developer and what kind of salary increase are we talking about?

Course Report, a resource all about coding bootcamps, did a survey of 665 graduates from 44 coding schools to find the answers. The average salary increase? 38%. The % of grads employed as developers? 66%. Not too shabby, although the employment percentage would ideally be higher, given that coding programs are an investment of thousands of dollars.

The biggest boosts in income are, as expected, for those who weren't already doing full-time programming at work, ReadWrite's summary of the data points out. The change in salary after graduation for those who were already doing full-time programming at work is only $1,400. However, those who had some programming experience--whether at work or on a personal basis--experienced a change in salary of over $21,000. 

Another interesting tidbit: English majors who went into the coding bootcamp earned $33,000 more after graduation--72.73% of them employed in a job requiring the skills taught in the bootcamps. Lately, I've been hearing more about people who majored in English working in a tech-related field. There must be some connection.

Anyway, here's an infographic for anyone considering attending a coding bootcamp:

coding bootcamp study Course Report

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