OnePlus X smartphone looks amazing for $250... Wow

Decent specs include 3GB RAM and full-HD AMOLED, plus dual-SIM or µSD slot

OnePlus X smartphones $250

The OnePlus X is the king of inexpensive smartphones—or so say people who've seen the new $250 device.

Its specs aren't Earth-shattering, but they're pretty decent, and the design is described as "gorgeous," "stunning," and "shockingly good-looking." It's a 2014 flagship for people who won't shell out for a 2015 flagship, but who still want great design.

However, OnePlus continues to insist on this ridiculous invitation system. Also, why can't you use a second SIM and an SD card?

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Lynn La forgets her words at a London junket:

Known as the OnePlus X, it is a smaller...cheaper unlocked handset. [The] mid-tier option in its family of smartphones.

It will be sold first in Europe on November 5 for €269, or £199...and then in the US on November 19 for $249.

5.5 by 2.7 by 0.27 inches...4.86 ounces...5-inch display...1,920x1,080...441 ppi...AMOLED...non-removable 2,525mAh battery...quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801...dual-SIM...microSD...16GB of built-in storage...3GB of RAM...13-megapixel rear-facing camera [at] f/2.2...7.6-megapixel [front] camera.

From the looks of it so far, the X offers solid specs packaged in a sleek design for even better value.  MORE

But Drew Olanoff questions the logic:

The OnePlus 2 isn’t even shipping out to customers yet, but hey, why not announce new stuff?

I’ll shoot you straight, it’s an Android phone that wants to be an iPhone. It’s...real pretty, but OxygenOS doesn’t have an advantage over...Marshmallow, that I can see.

The Chinese smartphone company calls the 2 its “flagship killer,” so I’m not sure what the X is.

Whether you think you need this phone or not, the company certainly has a way of drumming up interest for their line of devices, using an invitation system.

I can tell you this, it’s not “killing” the Nexus flagships. ... It’s also highly unlikely to “kill” the iPhone, which it’s clearly trying to be.  MORE

Yet Javier Pastor is past caring about Google's Nexus line:

The design is fantastic, the size is convincing, and all the hardware...seem[s] really promising...on that price range.

In fact, this is what many of us wanted from the Nexus family. ... This leaves Moto G and everything around $200-$250 [in] the dust. And makes everyone wonder if they really need to spend the $400 the Nexus 5X costs. I’m not sure [it] is worth that now.  MORE

Looks like Andrew has a Grush on it:

[You're fired -Ed.]

In many ways, the OnePlus X is sort of like the 2015 version of the original...OnePlus One...featuring a lot of the same specs but in a more premium package [and] lower starting price. ... The X is certainly a valiant effort.

[It's] covered in a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which should keep the device safe (to a point). ... The Snapdragon 801 is still a powerful chipset, even though it’s a couple years old.

You’ll only get 16GB of on-board storage...though there is a microSD card slot [for] up to 128GB. a stock-like ROM that is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop [but it] comes with a handy Dark Mode for nighttime reading...gestures designed to make using the phone a bit easier...something called the the right of the homescreen [for] widgets, your most used apps, favorite contacts and other important ambient display that will wake in duo-chrome mode to alert you [and] a proximity sensor that will allow the device to wake up when it’s pulled out of a pocket.

One area where the X truly shines is in design...a stunning, premium design.  MORE

And Darren Orf agrees, calling it "shockingly good-looking":

I’m a big fan of cheap phones.

The OnePlus X also takes a few things from the latest OnePlus flagship, including the hardware button on the right that can quickly set notifications to all, priority, or none.

The OS is still based on Lollipop, but...OnePlus founder Carl Pei...says a Marshmallow build is coming

[It] is shockingly good looking [for $250]. It successfully walks that often perilous line between cheap-looking and overly gaudy when phones try to reach...the budget-conscious.  MORE

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