IoT and the data-driven enterprise: How to dive into the data flood

Virtually every kind of company will eventually have to become a data-driven enterprise. It's a matter of competition. Here, experts share strategies for making the most of IoT data.

IoT data flood

It’s an Internet of Things (IoT) world, with everything from heating systems to manufacturing control systems to RFID tags collecting data -- and if you’re in an enterprise that data is coming your way, if it’s not already there.

That’s both good and bad. Good because locked up in that data is information that can make your company improve efficiency, work smarter, find new sources of revenue and more. Bad because few companies are prepared for the incoming data flood.

To help you handle it and design the best strategy, we’ve sought advice from the pros -- IoT pioneer GE; Intel, which has gone all-in to IoT; and several companies that specialize in helping enterprises deal with IoT big data issues.

This article provides an in-depth look at the issue and possible solutions to it.

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