How Devicescape handles its IoT data challenges

Technology is only part of the solution. For turning large amounts of data into useful information in real time, staffing and organization are key.

IoT data challenges

Imagine this: You collect vast amounts of data from more than 20 million Wi-Fi locations with more than 315 million hotspots to which tens of millions of users connect every day. You need to turn all of those mounds of data into useful information for your clients, notably the firms that own those hotspots -- in real-time.

The problem isn’t just that you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. You don’t even know if you’re looking for a needle.

Those are the kinds of problems that Devicescape, which develops software for wireless networking, faces every day. They’ve been living for years with the problems of acquiring and making use of the flood of IoT data, and so have solid advice for other companies facing similar challenges -- more about how to staff and organize an organization than about the hardware-and-software nuts and bolts.

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