7 key improvements in Apple’s latest OS updates

The seven biggest changes in Apple’s latest series of point upgrades

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Apple yesterday updated OS X, iOS 9 and watchOS with a slew of point upgrades. While these patches mostly deliver performance and stability improvements and support for new Emojis, a few other items stand out. Here they are:

OS X 10.11.1 improvements

The latest OS X update provided two key changes:

Office 2016

The latest OS X 10.11.1 update fixes the legendarily annoying crashes recently suffered by Microsoft Office 2016 users.


Almost 200 new emoji characters (full list here) are made available in the update. These include the historically important middle finger and popular taco emojis; Historically important? Yes indeed. The single finger gesture goes way back to the Ancient Greeks.

You don’t own it

Lawyer/developer, Robb Schecter read the El Capitan user agreement to figure out what it means – among other things it means you don’t own the software. More here.

iOS 9.1 improvements

With iOS 9 now installed on over 60 percent of devices Apple maintains its focus on protecting its non-fragmented mobile ecosystem.


New Messages options in Settings let you see photos of your contacts in your Messages list.

Wi-Fi calling

iOS 9 introduced a feature enabling T-Mobile users to place and receive Wi-Fi calls on a compatible iOS or OS X device, even when their main iPhone was off or lacked coverage. iOS 9.1 extends this to Sprint customers, too. More here.

Live Photos

Live Photos now senses when you raise or lower your iPhone and stops recording those movements when capturing images. So you don’t see amusing moving images of your fingers, glasses, or feet.


Support for the new emoji’s has also been made available to iOS 9.1

News app

Apple News is now available in the UK and Australia. The initial range of content providers seems OK, though the near criminal lack of a direct link to my blog here at Computerworld is surely something Apple staff will enthusiastically address.

watchOS 2.0.1 enhancements

A smattering of improvements for Apple Watch users, mostly focused on stability and performance the only real addition here being introduction of support for new emojis, and (I suspect) support for TVos and the latest Apple TV software when these ship next week to enable use of the watch as a remote.

Additional items


Apple shipped new versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers for iOS and OS X last week.

One more thing

Apple also added a Find My Friends app to iCloud’s online suite – now even Windows users can access this feature through their browser.

And TV...

With the next edition of Apple TV scheduled to ship next week, Apple has begun accepting apps created by third party developers using the TVos developer kits it introduced earlier this year.

Of course, some iPhone and iPad users can expect to gain access to apps on their Apple TV just as soon as they install the new model. That’s because developers can create apps as universal bundles with their iPhone or iPad counterparts, which means some apps will be made available for download to all these platforms right away, if developers choose to offer them this way. If you’re a developer, please let me know about your TVos apps as they appear. 

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