13 top coding bootcamps for Web developers

Here’s a look at 13 popular Web development bootcamps in 13 cities across the U.S., including tuition and job assistance details

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Franco Folini/Flickr, Wikipedia

According to a recent survey by bootcamp directory and reviews website Course Report, more than twice as many students are expected to graduate from coding bootcamps this year (16,056) than in 2014 (6,740).

“People are drawn to them for time- and money-savings,” says Liz Eggelston, cofounder of Course Report. “These programs aren’t cheap, but they take three to six months to complete instead of two to three years for a graduate degree—and cost a fraction of the price.”

And attending coding bootcamps appears to pay off for graduates: Three-quarters of respondents to Course Report's survey report finding full-time employment that requires skills they learned in a bootcamp. Among those, 63 percent are in salaried positions, and survey respondents cited an average salary growth of $25,000 following bootcamp graduation.

From East Coast to West, here’s a look at 13 popular bootcamp programs for Web developers, including tuition and job assistance details to help you find the best program for you.

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