Tableau launches free iPad dataviz app

Want to visualize and interact with data on the go? Tableau Software has launched a free data exploration app for iPad that the company says "allows people to sculpt data into visualizations in seconds" with typical mobile gestures like pinch and swipe.

The new app, called Vizable, can handle data in formats such as CSV and Excel, and resulting visualizations can be shared via email, IM and social media. Interactive exploration includes things like adding columns, filtering, and rearranging. Vizable was announced today at Tableau's annual user conference in Las Vegas.

I haven't had a chance to play with this yet; although now that it's launched, I'm looking forward to loading it on my iPad. A pre-launch demo video shows an app with a polished look and some interesting ways to view and explore data files -- although be advised that Vizable certainly isn't as full-featured as Tableau's desktop counterpart.

For example, one beta user noted that filtering on a value range isn't currently possible. And, Vizable supports several types of basic visualizations such as bar charts and line graphs, but not the full suite of options available on Tableau's desktop software. Vizable beta users are already asking for mapping capabilities (available in Tableau's desktop software); Vizable World community representative Trina Chiasson responded that the company is "strongly considering [mapping] for a future release."

Vizable is iOS only. There's more information about Vizable at

Filtering with Vizable Tableau Software

Filtering data with the new Vizable app

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