Jailbreak! iPhone iOS 9.0.2 hack is here, claims Pangu Team

Fictional sphenisciform finds Apple security hole; injects wonderment [You're fired -Ed.]

Now you can jailbreak your iOS 9.0, 9.0.1 or 9.0.2 iPhone or iPad. Are you ready to escape from Apple's pomaceous walled garden of parody-free, sexless, family friendliness?

Pangu Team and saurik have delivered, so here are the best jailbreaking resources.

But do take care, lest you brick your shiny. Don't say you weren't warned!

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers say they weren't warned. Not to mention: David Hasselhoff likes claymation penguins...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Joe Rossignol reports:

Chinese team Pangu today released the first untethered jailbreak for iOS 9 [on] all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models.

Jailbreaking allows users to further customize and enhance their iOS devices [but] modifying your device's software violates your...EULA and voids your warranties.  MORE

And Taimur Asad is anything but sad:

Pangu surprised everyone with the release of Pangu 9.

This tutorial will help you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 9.x...the right way.  MORE

A team of Reddittors wikified the crowdsourced hivemind:

Instead of one person maintaining a sticky post, let's collaboratively volunteer to write and update this wiki page together, with all the essential information a new jailbreaker needs.  MORE

So it's at times like this that I repeat my standard advice:

Here are some top tips, learned from bitter experience. Ignore them at your peril:

Make sure you stop iTunes from automatically updating itself. ...
Plug your iDevice directly into a USB socket on your Mac or PC's case -- do not use a USB hub. ...
Use a genuine Apple USB cable, or a 3rd party cable that you know to be of good quality -- some cheapo cables can appear to work fine...but fail in subtle ways when jailbreaking. ...
Be patient -- some of the steps involved in jailbreaking an iPhone take longer than you might think. If it appears to have hung, it probably hasn't.

Take care; read and understand all the caveats, both here and in the linked pages -- lest you create an expensive brick. Neither I, nor Computerworld are responsible for anything you choose to do with your iDevice -- only you are.  MORE

And Andy is keeping a list of what Cydia tweaks work on iOS 9:

The entire jailbreak community was taken by surprise. ... Jay Freeman aka saurik has also released an update for Cydia Substrate [which] is the underlying framework that all jailbreak tweaks depend upon.

Installing tweaks that are not compatible [might] force you to restore your device, so please be careful.

We’ve updated the list of jailbreak tweaks that are compatible with iOS 9. The list now has 84 tweaks.  MORE

So Thomas Fox-Brewster follows the money, but loses the trail:

Team Pangu, if it’d developed its exploits further, could have made as much as $1 million if it’d submitted its findings to Zerodium. [But] Pangu would likely not have met Zerodium’s requirements, which asked for exploits to be fully remote [not] connected to a PC via USB.

There’s also no obvious sponsor. ... In recent years, Chinese firms have sponsored jailbreak downloads. ... As much as $1 million is also said to be on offer from those app store providers.

It’s unclear what iOS vulnerabilities were used to [jailbreak] the device.  MORE

Meanwhile, Vegerot asks the unanswerable, conspiratorial question:

Why do jailbreaks always release for Windows first?

Is it harder to inject this kind of code from an Apple made computer to an Apple phone? ... Apple could try to design OSX to prevent these kinds of exploits.  MORE

And Finally...
Pingu: Don't hassle The Hoff

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