And how long would it take to rebuild it?

IT support pilot fish gets a trouble ticket asking for a file to be restored from a server backup.

"It was for a file named filename-xxxx.xlsx that was deleted this morning from a specific folder on our file server," says fish.

"I went to the folder and saw five files, one of which was named filename.xlsx, but without the -xxxx in the name. I emailed the user and her manager, who had approved the file restore, attaching screen shots of the contents of the file server and the files that had been backed up in that folder last night. The contents matched. Nothing had changed.

"I heard back from her boss: 'She said she was looking for filename-xxxx.xlsx.'

"I responded that there was no file by that name in last night's backup, or any nightly backup in the past two weeks. That file never existed, or at least had never been backed up.

"The next email came from the user, who said she had just created the file this morning, then accidentally deleted it. I replied that the backup only runs at night, so the file was never backed up.

"Now she wants to wait until tonight's backup runs so I can restore the file tomorrow..."

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