Three reasons to hold off installing Mac OS X El Capitan

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If you haven't yet installed Mac OS X El Capitan, you may be wondering whether it's time to upgrade. Here are three reasons to hold off the upgrade, at least for now.

Microsoft Office 2016 constantly crashes

If you're a Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac user, or plan to be one soon, it's this simple: Don't upgrade to El Capitan. Many users report constant crashes and freezes with Office 2016 for Mac since upgrading to El Capitan. At the moment, there's no fix. Microsoft says that it is "working with Apple to ensure resolution with the next update of OS X 10.11." Reading between the lines, that seems to mean that Microsoft believes Apple is at fault.

Whoever is at fault, at this point running Office 2016 for Mac on El Capitan is a bad idea. So if you're using the latest version of Office for the Mac, stay away from El Capitan until everything is resolved.

Your apps may not work with it

Every time an operating system is upgraded, a number of existing apps won't work with it. That's true of El Capitan as it is of any other operating system. Search the Web to see if you can find reports of whether your apps work. For an even better way to find out, head to Roaring Apps' compatibility chart to see which work and which don't. If everything works, you're OK to upgrade. But if an important app won't work with El Capitan, you'll want to wait until the problem is fixed.

You want to avoid bugs

As with any new operating system, there have been plenty of reports of El Capitan bugs. Head to the Apple Support Community here to see many of them. Users report external USB keyboards not working, printers not printing properly, issues with mail, and many others. Over time, they'll likely be fixed. But if you don't want to deal with them now, wait for El Capitan updates that fix them.

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