Oracle considers a new effort to develop mobile Java apps

New Java Mobile Project proposal would ease development for iOS, Android, and mobile Windows

Oracle is considering ports of the Java Development Kit (JDK) to support iOS, Android, and the mobile version of Windows, in an effort that would expand Java's presence in a growing part of the technology market.

Under the Mobile Project proposal, Oracle would contribute a build system, the HotSpot JVM, and JDK source changes to target mobile platforms. The resulting environment could produce static Java runtimes and modifications to the Zero interpreter needed for iOS devices. A headless JDK 9-based port is planned.

Initial reviewers would include current reviewers in the JDK 9 project. Other parts of the Mobile Project plan include a Java Launcher helper interface to simplify the inclusion of Java in mobile applications, sample "hello world" applications, and project templates for each platform.

Current OpenJDK member may vote on the proposal until Monday, Oct. 12.

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