Application attacks against clouds up 45%

Application attacks against clouds jumped 45 percent last year

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Application attacks against clouds jumped 45 percent last year, according to a new report from Houston-based cloud security firm Alert Logic, Inc.

The report was based on an analysis of one billion security events in the IT environments of more than 3,000 enterprise customers, and showed that 78 percent saw incidents of application attacks last year, up from just 48 percent the year before.

"The increase doesn't surprise us because more and more companies are moving to the cloud," said Rahul Bakshi, Alert Logic's senior director of product management.

Cloud environments also saw a 36 percent increase in suspicious activity, such as attempts to scan the infrastructure, and 27 percent increase in brute force attacks.

However, while attacks against cloud deployments are rising fast, they still haven't caught up with attacks against on-premises infrastructure. For example, the average cloud customer saw 68 incidents of Trojan attacks, compared to 108 incidents for on-premises customers. The average cloud customer saw 101 instances of brute force attacks, compared to 201 for on-premises.

In application attacks, however, clouds are a juicier target -- the average cloud customer saw 118 confirmed security incidents, compared to 98 for customers with on-premises deployments.

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