Fed jury: Apple lifted Warf's IP. Now U. Wisc. wants $400,000,000

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WARD Apple patent jury

Apple infringed six patent claims, says a U.S. jury. The technology, invented by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, improved the performance and power-efficiency of CPUs.

Indeed, UofW's licensing arm, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), argues Apple must have willfully stole the technology. Not only that, but Apple refused to license it from the school.

Apple has been using the patented technology in several generations of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. And WARF says it still is using it, in the latest A9 SoC.

The case continues: The jury now moves on to deciding how much Apple should pay in damages. WARF is asking for about $400,000,000.00 to pay for more research.

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[Developing story: Updated 8:31 am and 1:45 pm PT with more comment]

Andrew Chung reports:

Apple Inc could be facing up to $862 million in damages. ... The jury in Madison, Wisconsin also said the patent, which improves processor efficiency, was valid.

Representatives for...WARF and Apple could not immediately be reached for comment.

The jury was considering whether Apple's [SoCs] found in the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus...violate the patent. ... U.S. District Judge William Conley [ruled] Apple could be liable for up to $862.4 million in damages.  MORE

Liam Tung licks the jelly from the donut:

WARF filed the suit on behalf of the university last year, claiming that Apple had failed to license its patent [used] in the A7, A8 and A8X processors. [Apple] in court papers denied infringing the patent and argued it was invalid. [The jury] decided against Apple on both counts.

WARF...filed a second suit last month over the A9 and A9X chips in the new iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and iPad Pro. [Patent] 5,781,752 was granted in 1998 and describes a "table-based data speculation circuit for parallel processing computer." WARF...sued Intel over the same patent in 2008. ... Before that, it also sued Sony over the chip in its PlayStation 2.  MORE

And Jack Nicas watches the market:

The jury in U.S. District Court in Madison, Wis., found...Apple illegally incorporated the patent’s technology.

The jury hasn’t yet ruled on damages.  MORE

So Jack Purcher fishes, as if news angler:

[I] broke the news in February 2014 that Apple's A7 Processor was targeted in a patent lawsuit filed by...WARF.

WARF noted that Apple had stated that it is the policy of the company not to accept or consider proposals regarding licensing...making the initiation of this lawsuit a necessity.  MORE

Meanwhile, Mikey Campbell soups up the story:

Trial proceedings began on Oct. 5, over a year and a half after WARF first filed its complaint. ... As the University's...non-profit patent management body, WARF patents and licenses inventions...with proceeds gained put toward future research.

The IP in question..."Table based data speculation circuit for parallel processing computer," was granted to a University...team led by Dr. Gurindar Sohi. ... The '752 patent focuses on improving power efficiency and overall performance...by utilizing a "data speculation" circuit. ... It was argued that Apple willfully infringed on the '752 patent, as it cited the property in its own patent filings.

The jury found Apple guilty of infringing upon all six asserted patent claims. .  MORE

But Ray Batts hangs upside-down:

WARF is a patent troll; it doesn't make anything. ... The patent is generic and...will run out in another year.

Don't expect Apple to pay anything anytime soon, if ever.  MORE

Comments like that make Craig Applew drip with sarcasm:

How dare the University merely not donate its research and technology? ... The gall of anyone to think they shouldn't cede all their ideas, material possessions and soul to the Apple mother ship.

I'm really fed up with the always-on 24/7 Apple apologists.  MORE

Update 1: Jordan Henderson ponders the fuss:

Of course, Apple will fight this tooth and nail, but they could afford to pay $862,400,000.00 and it wouldn't really hurt their financials...it would be a tiny relief to their overhang of cash.

They should make a deal where they pay this UofW group N times as much and get exclusive rights to these patents.  MORE

Update 2: Andrew Chung's story has changed a bit:

But heading into the damages phase of the trial on Wednesday, WARF's claim is approximately $400 million, according to sources from both sides speaking on background.

WARF appears to have dropped some claims during the trial, including one on sales of iPhones and iPads before the lawsuit was filed.  MORE

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