Amazon Web Services at AWS re:Invent 2015—“We’re #1”

AWS honcho Andy Jassy struts his stuff on stage in Lost Wages

Amazon Web Services is holding its 4th annual shindigAWS re:Invent 2015. Here in Sin City, the cloud unit is gleefully telling all who'll listen that it's the biggest, the bestest, and the awesomest.

AWS also has a bunch of new products and features to announce. Plus a new consulting-services JV.

A big theme is legacy: moving customers away from it, that is. As such, AWS is making many barely-disguised jabs at behemothic beasts such as IBM and Oracle.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers hit the craps table, comp. beverage in hand.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Quentin Hardy happens to be in Vegas (and he stays in Vegas):

Amazon Web Services [is] going after the legacy customers of companies like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. ... Coming off legacy stuff is complicated [but] Amazon on Wednesday introduced new features and services aimed at offering legacy customers...easy ways to get off the old technology [and] better...ways their old data can work.

As if the message wasn’t clear, Andy Jassy...showed a barely disguised picture of Lawrence J. Ellison, the longtime head of a symbol of the “old guard” companies that abused their customers.

Previously, old-guard enterprise companies computing, then grudgingly ceded them a [niche]. But with about three-quarters of...spending going to [legacy] they could afford to. Wednesday, Amazon went after the rest of their business.  MORE

Rachel King rules all the things:

Amazon Web Services is beefing up its suite of streaming data and analytics services, preparing its digital pipelines to serve as a backbone in the [IoT]. ... Jassy noted AWS has already achieved a $7.3 billion run rate. ... It's one of the biggest cash cows in the Amazon empire.

Teeming on the surface is Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-powered business intelligence service taking data stored in AWS...and moving it over to the query engine for visualizations.

Building off...Kinesis Streams, the first AWS stab at big data processing...Amazon brought out the Kinesis Firehouse, a service for loading streaming data from through an API. ... Users can then immediately query and load data to Hadoop clusters.

For moving larger amounts of the cloud...a new product dubbed Snowball...comes in the form of a rugged box described to be light enough for a person to carry.

Amazon previewed Inspector, a reporting service analyzing performance and behavior in scanning for security and compliance issues.

Amazon is also growing its database portfolio with a sixth MySQL-compatible option for MariaDB as well as through the new AWS Migration Service.  MORE

Amazon's Jeff Barr has more on that Snowball appliance thingy:

Formally known as AWS Import/Export Snowball, [it's] built around appliances that we own and maintain. [It's] designed for customers that need to move lots of data (generally 10 terabytes or more) to AWS on a one-time or recurring basis.

It is rugged enough to withstand a 6 G jolt...entirely self-contained, with...a 10 GB network connection...and an E Ink display/control panel. ... It is weather-resistant and serves as its own shipping container.

You simply copy up to 50 terabytes of data...and disconnect it. A shipping label will automatically appear on the E Ink display. ... We’ll decrypt the data and copy it to the S3 bucket(s) that you that you can move data to the cloud. We are also aware of many interesting use cases that involve moving data the other way.  MORE

But if Amazon seriously wants to displace the big, legacy players, it'll need services for its Web services. Paul Gillin explains:

In a move aimed squarely at IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Microsoft...AWS linked up with Accenture PLC...the world’s largest consulting help enterprise customers move to the Amazon cloud.

The companies said the business group will offer integrated consulting and technology solutions. ... Among the services provided will be business process re-engineering, application migration services and architecture design and application development. ... The companies said the joint venture will initially target transformation services and big data analytics.

However...Amazon has yet to outline a policy for hybrid cloud. ... That still works in IBM’s and HP’s favor.  MORE

Meanwhile, Brandon Butler peruses 50 of the third-party offerings at re:Invent:

User Reporting, the latest addition to PagerDuty...helps [you] understand how individual team members are responding.

AppZero...Quickly create containers from Windows server applications.

Zadara...Automatic, snapshot-based, continuous, incremental low-cost, Amazon S3 object storage.

BlazeMeter...Run massively scalable, open source-based performance tests against all of your apps.

CloudCheckr creates dashboards and alerts to optimize costs, manage allocation and reporting. ... [It] also provides in-depth security, audit trails and continuous monitoring.  

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