And have a nice weekend!

It's crunch time for this software development team, and with major deadlines fast approaching, everyone is working mandatory overtime -- including this pilot fish on the scene.

"Pressure was high," fish says. "Dinners were being brought in from local restaurants -- not just pizza but real entrees and entire meals. In the 'war room' was a board for people to note which day they would be working over the weekend.

"Mid-afternoon on Friday, the development manager sent out an email to the entire floor (not just his team): The following people have not signed up for overtime this weekend...

"The first person on the list had resigned and technically Friday was her last day. I worked with her later and she blamed her delayed pregnancy on the work stress.

"Person 2 was a consultant who had already verbally informed the manager, just hadn't gotten around to writing it down on the board. She was working so many hours that the client was putting her up in a hotel rather than risking her falling asleep (again) during the drive home.

"Person 3's family, whom she hadn't seen in years, was coming in from overseas. She had gotten Person 4 to cover for the weekend. Person 4 expected Person 3 to write their names on the board.

"Needless to say, Person 1 did not work that weekend. And Persons 2, 3 and 4 -- as well as the rest of the team -- got away from that manager as soon as they could find a new position."

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