Microsoft and Google kiss and make-up, drop silly patent feud

Nadella: Yo, no patent wars, I'm running a kinder, gentler, Microsoft here

Throwing chairs never solved much of anything. So when Satya Nadella began as Microsoft's CEO, he decided to take the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Nadella, as we well remember, first shocked the foundations of the Universe when he made his infamous "Microsoft loves Linux" statement. Then yesterday, Nadella dropped another bombshell -- to the chagrin of haters-always-gonna-hate-Microsoft everywhere -- in effect saying "Our patent war with Google was pointless, so we just decided to drop it. OK?"

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wish Nadella ran Microsoft years ago.

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Blair Hanley Frank gives peace a chance:

Microsoft has been pursuing a more collaborative approach under CEO Satya Nadella, working with longtime rivals like Salesforce, VMware and Apple. There hasn't been much love between Microsoft and Google, though, but an announcement Wednesday may signal an easing of those tensions.  MORE

Nothing surprises Swapnil Bhartiya anymore:

I won't be surprised if Microsoft soon becomes a Linux Foundation member. The company received praises from the foundation's executive director, Jim Zemlin.  MORE

Business is booming for Neil McAllister:

It's been said that Microsoft earns more money from Android than it does its own Windows Mobile operating system, which in terms of market share has long trailed Android and Apple's iOS by a wide margin.  MORE

Nick Statt joins Microsoft and Google in holy matrimony:

"Microsoft and Google are pleased to announce an agreement on patent issues. As part of the agreement, the companies will dismiss all pending patent infringement litigation between them, including cases related to Motorola Mobility," reads a joint statement from the two companies.  MORE

Susan Decker and Dina Bass team-up to go troll huntin':

The agreement to be allies when it comes to patents only goes so far. pushing new products...including a tablet computer designed for business customers to compete with Microsoft's SurfacePro.

When it comes to patent policy, the companies agree they want to make it harder for patent-licensing firms that don't make products and are derided as "trolls."  MORE

Even Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols sounds (cautiously) optimistic:

With this new Google rapprochement, Microsoft does indeed appear to be on its way to adopting a more open-source friendly intellectual property (IP) approach. I don't expect Microsoft to change its spots immediately. Those billions of dollars from Android IP isn't small change. Still, Microsoft is clearly changing both its business and legal models.  MORE

Meanwhile, we wish Srikanth Nair (@MustardSeedITAU) was a patent attorney:

It is about time that Microsoft and Google acted like mature tech giants and realise that working together is the best way forward!  MORE

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