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In the October 2015 issue:

6 Traits of Rising IT Stars

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What qualities put IT pros on the fast track to the top? We talk to five up-and-coming execs -- and their bosses -- to figure out who’s destined for success, and why.


5 Tips for Better Enterprise Security

Do your security policies and procedures actually promote better security, or are frustrated users finding ways to bypass the rules? It’s a tricky balancing act that trips up many organizations. 

Mobile Apps That Deliver ROI

Horizon NJ Health and DMEautomotive, two winners of IDG Enterprise’s Digital Edge 25 Awards, are putting their mobile apps to the test, driving real ROI with lower costs and new revenue.

News Analysis 

Armed with the iPad Pro, Apple is poised to make serious inroads into the enterprise market.

The Grill

Starwood Hotels CIO Martha Poulter puts a premium on time spent building personal connections.

Security Manager’s Journal

Our manager digs deep into the issues at the Black Hat expo, then tackles security awareness training back at the office.


Preston Gralla says it’s safe to install Windows 10 -- just make sure to change the privacy defaults. And Paul Glen offers tips for how IT project managers can tell their business partners what to do without making the request sound like an ultimatum.

Shark Tank

Read the latest exploits of hapless bosses and clueless users.

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