Microsoft stays mum on mystery Windows 7 patch

Another botched patch? It's hard to say when Microsoft releases, then pulls a Windows patch and offers no information on it

Early this morning, questions started appearing all over the Internet about an odd 4.3MB patch that appeared in Windows Update. The name of the patch was given as the following:


The “more information” and “Help and Support” links pointed to three odd locations:

The patch appears to have been pulled.

Zack Whittaker at ZDNet and Dan Goodin at Ars Technica report that Microsoft has contacted them and said that Microsoft had “incorrectly published a test update.” I’ve seen no other reports, official, claiming to be official, or otherwise.

This four-page Microsoft Answers thread has no response from Microsoft. This Reddit thread has several update logs, but nothing official from Microsoft. A lengthy Hacker News thread, similarly, has lots of speculation and zero input from Microsoft.

The lack of information about patches -- and patch screw-ups -- shouldn’t surprise anyone. Only yesterday, Microsoft issued a firmware update for the Surface Pro 3, with absolutely no announcement, no description, not even a mention on the official Surface Pro 3 changelog. In case you’re checking, it’s marked “System Firmware Update – 9/29/2015.” Other than that, we don’t know a thing. It's indicative of the lack of communication we've seen getting worse over the last year.

Times are changing -- not for the better.

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