With iPad Pro, Apple pushes further into the enterprise

After forging alliances with IBM and Cisco and unveiling a business-ready 12.9-in. tablet, Apple appears to be poised to make serious inroads into the corporate market.

When it unveiled the new iPad Pro, Apple effectively dropped into place the hardware piece of its burgeoning enterprise strategy, positioning the tablet as a potential go-to device for business.

The 12.9-in. tablet can be ordered with a separate Apple-designed keyboard and stylus (the vendor calls the latter the "Apple Pencil"), placing the iPad Pro in direct competition with the Microsoft Surface Pro. That alone would be enough to position the iPad Pro as business-worthy. But at the Sept. 9 unveiling, Apple made a concerted effort to debunk the idea that an iPad is mainly for content consumption. The event emphasized how the iPad could enhance worker productivity and focused on new features, like a split-screen view that lets users run two apps simultaneously.

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