Ergonomically Incorrect

It's back in the days of the Great Ergonomics Scare, and the big company where this pilot fish works has decided to give all employees new ergonomically correct keyboards and mice.

"The keyboards were a bit oversize, and left the mouse pads squeezed onto desks wherever they would fit," says fish.

"Shortly after getting the new keyboard, I noticed that random numbers would show up in whatever I was typing. I called IT and they remotely updated the drivers.

"But the problem continued intermittently and got progressively worse. IT made a few more tries at fixing the problem remotely but nothing worked. It finally got to the point that the keyboard would type a few numbers or symbols even when I was not at my desk.

"Eventually IT gave up trying to solve the problem remotely and sent a real, live IT tech to assess the situation. I explained what was happening. He reached down and moved my mouse pad over an inch so that it didn't drape down onto my keyboard -- and left without saying a single word."

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