Progress Software CEO: We're honored to serve dev community

In an exclusive interview, CEO Philip Pead vows to help Progress' community of 1.7 million developers meet the challenges of a cloud and mobile world

Progress Software CEO: We're honored to serve dev community

Progress Software has been helping developers build better applications since Ronald Reagan was president -- in his first term. Along the way, the company, which boasts a base of more than 1.7 million developers, has evolved to meet the changing needs of the enterprises and software companies that use its products.

In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Progress CEO Philip Pead spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how the company is helping developers build applications in and for the cloud, as well as modernize core business applications for a mobile, social world. Pead also talked about recent acquisitions that have bolstered Progress’s portfolio and its strategy to become the preferred destination for developers. He discussed Progress’ offerings to unite marketers and IT, its plans for attracting the next generation of savvy app builders, and the ways it empowers traditional enterprises to get up to speed fast in building mobile applications.

CEO Philip Pead of Progress Software

CEO Philip Pead of Progress Software

Q: Progress has been around since the early 1980s. What’s the most important thing that you want an IT executive to know about Progress today?

A: The genesis of the company was really focused on application development. We built a platform called OpenEdge that enabled ISVs to build a product that would solve a problem in a particular vertical industry and enable an enterprise to solve a business problem. The core of the OpenEdge platform was that we should make it as simple as possible to achieve the resolution of the problem. Let’s not make this so difficult that it will take years and years for them to accomplish that. That simple premise and thesis upon which the company was built carried the company through amazing growth, which brings us to today. I’m going to preempt the next question by telling you that nothing has really changed in the app world. There’s still a difference between those platforms that are easy to build applications on and those that are not. Anyone reading this article will recognize that never before in technology has speed been so critical to the success of either the ISV or the corporation.

Q: Your stated strategy, at least as I’ve read, focuses on being the “preferred destination for developers.” What does that mean precisely and how do you measure your success at that?

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