At Google Nexus event, “Ryu” Pixel C Android tablet—“Such incredible power”

Ryu vs. Surface vs. iPad Pro... FIGHT!

Google Nexus Android Pixel C tablet
Giant Bomb

The Google Nexus event will also show the Pixel C: an Android tablet, with detachable keyboard, in the mold of Surface and iPad Pro.

The 10-inch device sports super-high-end hardware, according to industry deep-throats. (But the usual rumor caution applies, given the single-source nature of the leak.)

But why's it not a Chrome-OS device? Sometimes, the most important battle is the battle within.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain. Not to mention: Don't-be-Evil Ryu on Hardest setting...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Bertel King, Jr. rules, dude:

The Chromebook Pixel launched in 2013, and a replacement followed up in March [2015]. Now Google plans to expand the Pixel brand to [Android] tablets.

As with all rumors, nothing is 100% until it's officially announced [but] the source is reliable, and we believe the information to accurately represent the state of things.

The Pixel C, codenamed Ryu, will have a 10.2-inch display with 308ppi and a super-bright NVIDIA X1 quad-core processor...Maxwell GPU [and] 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM. ... Despite this being an Android tablet, this is...not a Nexus product. ... Don't expect this to be cheap.  MORE

Kevin Tofel ponders why it's not a Nexus:

So what might be different that earns the Pixel name? My guess is the build quality and materials of the alleged 10.2-inch slate.

While a Pixel tablet may appeal to some consumers, the Pixel brand suggests a premium price and the keyboard accessories hint at productivity.  MORE

Stephen Hall also interprets the branding:

Since this is a Pixel device and not a Nexus, the hardware is going be 100% Google’s.

The Pixel codenamed Ryu, possibly named after a character from Street Fighter. [It] will run Android Marshmallow. It will apparently look just like the current Chromebook Pixel, minus the keyboard. 

We might be hearing about the device tomorrow, alongside two new Chromecasts, two new Nexus phones, and more.  MORE

With liberal use of the C-word, Pradeep Viswav has the Microsoft fanboi angle:

[Recently] Apple announced their Surface Pro 3 clone.

Now there is a report that even Google is planning to release a Surface clone.

Users will have two keyboard accessories to choose from [which] attach to the tablet and charge automatically when closed just like Surface Type covers.  MORE

Duncan Riley prefers the K-word:

Google may be expanding its Pixel line of laptops into take the good fight to the Microsoft Surface. ... Like the Microsoft Surface there will be keyboard accessories...with one said to be aluminum, the other one leather, with both attaching to the tablet and charging automatically when closed.

Surface killer? ... Whether the Surface needs killing or not is, of course, another question: it’s a niche tablet in a wide market but one well received at the higher end. [It] runs a full copy of Windows providing full desktop/ tablet cross functionality. 

[We're] calling no to a Surface killer at this stage, but it’s interesting to watch the emergence of tablets targeted at the high end of the market.  MORE

And Finally...
[Don't-be-Evil Ryu on Hardest setting]

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