How to ace the CISO interview: Be ready for the tough questions

Training and experience are mandatory just to be considered for top security jobs. But they aren’t enough.

interview question interrogation

Getting a top job in information security has never been as simple as just having the required training and experience. Yes, those are mandatory, but the modern hiring process also includes personality evaluations to determine the so-called “XQ” -- whether a candidate would be a good “fit” for a position -- background checks and yes, the personal interview.

It is generally the final stop before either a job offer, or a perfunctory “thanks-for-your-interest” dismissal.

And as the roles of the CISO and CSO have evolved in recent years from a relatively narrow focus as “guardians of the data” to members of the C suite who are expected to speak the language of business, participate in strategic planning and be perceived as business enablers rather than impediments, the interview has evolved as well.

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