Is a lack of enterprise apps killing BYOD?

Enterprise apps can be the linchpin of BYOD success in the office

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As BYOD hangs on as an acceptable way to arm your employees with their own technology, companies need to make sure that employees can work seamlessly on those devices. One way to do that – and give employers some control of where their data goes – is through enterprise apps. 

Getting those apps right can be tricky, but are crucial in putting a good – and legally sound – BYOD policy in place, even as employees still bristle at their bosses being able to perhaps peer into the personal side of those devices. 

Enterprise apps hold a balance

From an employee standpoint, the top BYOD enterprise app concern is privacy: Will my personal information on that device be shielded from my boss? And can my boss wipe the phone without my OK? According to a recent survey conducted by Bitglass, 57 percent of employees – and 38 percent of IT professionals – do not participate in a company's BYOD program because they don't want employers to have visibility of their personal data and applications

From an employer standpoint, a main concern is security. How do I make sure that the data that hits those devices doesn't go somewhere else? And if the device is stolen, that my corporate data doesn't end up in nefarious hands? 

BYOD policies are an "interplay between users who want convenience between their own device and management that's concerned with control and understanding where their corporate and sensitive information is going," says Andrew Hinkes, counsel at Berger Singerman law firm in Ft. Lauderdale. 

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