10 great Apple Watch OS 2-compatible apps you’ll use

I’ve gathered a short collection of compatible apps that give a sense of what’s possible with the new OS.

Watch OS 2 is a significant update for Apple Watch (starts at $349 direct; check Amazon price), you can read about its new features here and here.

itranslate iTranslate

iTranslate (free)

Website, iTunes

If you travel anywhere you need iTranslate. It instantly translates words, phrases and text into more than 90 languages. Translations are played back through the Watch speaker. Complications support means you can start a translation session using your watch while access to location data means the app will even suggest a language based on where you happen to be – French in Paris or German in Berlin. It will display useful phrases on the watch face, based both on location and time of day.

pcalcwatch3a Pcalc

PCalc ($9.99)

Website, iTunes

This feature rich calculator brings a host of tools to iPhone users. On Apple Watch you’ll get Handoff for sending a calculation directly from your watch to your Mac or to any other iOS device. You’ll also get a useful tip calculator which uses the Digital Crown to enable you to set different inputs while leaving room to see the total, split and tip suggestion all at once.

citymapper Citymapper

CityMapper (Free)

Website, iTunes

This app just became essential. Complications support means it shows you the information you need (ETA, step-by-step travel info to get around directly on the watch face. That means you’ll catch the right train from the right place to get where you’re going. You can also use the Time Travel feature to see the single steps you’ll need to take on your trip

eta Made By Eastwood

ETA ($2.99)

Website, iTunes

Also a great alternative for Watch-based access to directions and public transit information, ETA offers a Complication to let you see travel time and traffic on your chosen watch face. You can use Time Travel to view travel and traffic information up to 6 hours ahead.

sleep David smith

Sleep++ (Free, but ads-supported, ads removal costs $1.99)

Website, iTunes

A good night’s sleep is essential, and this app monitors how well you sleep. Let it know when you hit the sack and it will use Apple Watch’s motion capture capabilities to measure your rest. Next morning it will let you know how good your night’s sleep was, when you slept deepest and when you became restless. All this information can be shared with Health app. The only snag is the need to charge your watch up during the day.

quickfit TinyHearts

Quick Fit (Free)

Website, iTunes

QuickFit presents you with a fitness-boosting 7-minute workout designed to get you into shape without demanding huge chunks of time. The Watch app times your exercises, alerting you when you need to switch to a new routine and alerting you when to finish a session.

rntastic Runtastic

Runtastic Pro ($4.99)

Website, iTunes

Runtastic is the go to app for runners. The updated Apple Watch app brings in new functionality, most importantly the ability to monitor your heart rate while you exercise. The updated app also exports data to the Health app.

lifesum Lifesum

Lifesum (free)

Website, iTunes

Lifesum helps you get motivated to reach your health goals, whether they are to lose weight, exercise more, or others. The app lets you check your daily activity at a glance, use simple tracking to log meals, water, and exercise, and get tips, reminders and exercise suggestions. TimeTravel lets you see how you’re doing.

omni Omnigroup

OmniFocus (From $39.99)

Website, iTunes

OmniFocus is the very best time management tool for Apple users. It helps you effectively manage projects, personal life and daily routine. The new Apple Watch app adds support for Complications and customizable Glances to help you keep on top of your tasks.

Open Planet Software

Just Press Record ($2.99)

Website, iTunes

This simple app does something you might have expected would ship as standard – audio recording for Apple Watch, (recordings are stored using iCloud Drive). Recordings are made using the built-in Apple Watch microphone and controlled by a big red button on the display.

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