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Apple watchOS 2 download
Apple Inc.

The Apple watchOS 2 release date is here. You can finally download the real thing, after the GM build was pulled due to unspecified bugginess.

The new update adds native apps, new faces, a sideways "nightstand" mode, and a few other features. Apparently, it also tells the time.

But don't be in a hurry, K? Reports from early installers say it's slow to update.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers show off their wrist furniture. Not to mention: Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks -- Explained...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Kevin Tofel brings the joy and the magic:

After missing its public deadline to update Apple Watch software last week...watchOS 2 [is now] available.

[The] native third-party apps...feature is the most anticipated since current Apple Watch apps actually run on a connected iPhone [which] limits the Apple Watch to a second screen.  MORE

Mike Beasley makes honey while the sun shines:

Following a significant delay due to a critical bug, watchOS 2 is out now and can be downloaded. ... The update [has] a new build number, indicating that, like iOS 9, it was updated after the GM build was seeded.

Some of the new features include the ability to set favorite contacts directly from your watch and a new “Time Travel” mode that lets you peek into the future and see’ve got coming up in the next few hours.

To install watchOS 2, first update your iPhone to iOS 9, then open the Watch app and check for updates.  MORE

And Juli Clover adds a new leaf: [You're fired -Ed.]

As the first significant update to watchOS, watchOS 2...lets developers access several sensors and hardware features including the Taptic Engine, heart rate monitor, microphone, and accelerometer.

[It] also includes new watch faces (photo album and time-lapse), third-party Complications, a tweak that makes the screen stay on for up to 70 seconds...Activation Lock...and a Nightstand mode that's activated when the watch is charging, displaying the time.  MORE

But Devindra Hardawar wonders what took Tim's gang so long:

Ignoring the mixed reviews, common sense and the usually wise advice that you should avoid first-gen products at all costs, I bought an Apple Watch [in] June. ... Now, a little more than five months after...that long-awaited update is here. And while it doesn't fix all of the Apple Watch's flaws, it's a significant improvement for the crazies like me.

As of today, there seem to be only a handful of Watch apps built specifically for WatchOS 2. ... Citymapper was one of the first native Watch apps to appear on my phone, and it certainly feels zippier than before. The app loads in about a second, and it lets you easily plan a trip. ... It actually feels like an iOS app now, rather than a mere shell.

The Apple Watch [is] a status symbol for iOS devotees. ... But watchOS 2 shows that Apple is learning from its mistakes.  MORE

A frustrated Emmet Moeller says it's "very finicky":

Downloaded and then stuck on Preparing (like for more than 30 minutes). Pushed the back button...and both he iPhone and watch showed v 1.01. Exited app on iPhone and simply went into "preparing" and appears to be moving much faster now. But still update has not yet completed.

After "preparing" finished (the second time) went to "verifying" and crashed, advising that update could not be completed. I pushed on the "details" selection and it bombed out. ... I then clicked on the bottom to "upload and install" and it now notes that it is verifying. ... It has now been more than an hour on "verifying". I exited the iPhone app and ran it again and it continues to show "verifying". I will let it run a about 15 more minutes and then I'll quit and shut down both and reboot.

OK with my iPhone whining that it couldn't connect to the watch and then noting that it was "unable to connect to server", my watch was apparently updating itself. ... Started this process at 10:10 AM this morning and it just finished at 1:44 PM.  MORE

Meanwhile, OSpazX is out of time:

The update is actually >500 meg. If DOOM was able to fit onto 4 floppy disks, why does a watch need ½ a gig of code????  MORE

And Finally...
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