IT Resume Makeover: How to start from scratch

Twenty-five years of successful consulting gigs left Malcolm Greene with a list of accomplishments a mile long and a reputation as someone who could solve impossible problems. But when this veteran IT pro decided to make a move into the C-suite, he faced a fundamental problem: He didn't have a resume.

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Malcolm Greene spent the last 25 years building a career as a successful IT consultant, moving from gig to gig based solely on referrals from satisfied clients and developing a reputation as the go-to guy for "impossible" IT problems. But when Greene decided to make a career change to pursue a role in a corporate C-suite, he faced his own impossible problem: He didn't have a resume.

Malcolm's career consisted of two full-time jobs with three companies He was the lead developer at two different firms before he founded Brooks-Durham and launched his consulting career. "It's not unusual for IT professionals to mix consulting gigs with full-time work, but I'd never seen a career built solely on consulting like this," says Donald Burns, professional resume writer, career coach and branding expert at Executive Promotions.

Greene did have a LinkedIn profile, but it was a chaotic data dump that was difficult to interpret on first glance, according to Burns. With approximately 3,500 words that, if printed, would equate to nine pages. The crazy quilt of long- and short-term consulting gigs, overlapping dates and simultaneous consulting engagements presented a challenge.

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