Apple WatchOS 2 download DELAY (and remastered remix)

Tim says you must wait before you CHAT WITH JON

The WatchOS 2 download for your Apple Watch has been delayed. Sorry about that. No, Apple won't tell you why.

There's this bug, you see. It's taking time to fix, don't you know. But shortly, everything will be magical again.

Cue the rampant speculation: Could it be huge battery drain problems? Taptic weakness? Or a failure of the 3rd-part app DRM?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers speculate away. Not to mention: Everything is a Remix is a remaster...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Matthew Panzarino blitzes the story:

Apple has delayed the release of watchOS 2, which was expected to be available today. ... “We have discovered a bug...that is taking a bit longer to fix than we expected,” [said] an Apple spokesperson. ... Apple did not give any indications on release timeline beyond ‘shortly’.

[It] gives developers building apps the ability to directly access [watch] sensors and stream data more efficiently. 

[New] features of watchOS 2 include expanded Siri support, transit directions, photo watch faces, the ability to travel through a timeline to check weather and appointments, and expanded Wi-Fi support when out of range of an iPhone.  MORE

Crossing his fingers, it's Andrew Hayward:

Hopefully it is a brief delay, as watchOS 2 looks to bring significant new features.

It allow[s] native apps to be installed on the devices, significantly speeding up usage.  MORE

So Mike Beasley shoots left-handed: [You're fired -Ed.]

The issue may remind users of a similar predicament with HealthKit applications at the launch of iOS 8 last year.

Users running the GM build...haven’t yet reported anything big enough to potentially stop the entire release.  MORE

And, yes, Todd Haselton is hugely bummed:

Bummer. I was really looking forward to watchOS 2.

Apparently the company ran into a last minute it was preparing for the mass rollout. It’s always good to catch these things before millions of people discover it, but it’s also a huge bummer.  MORE

This guy, Doug Kass, says the reason is "buggy code":

While Apple didn’t specify exactly where the problem’s safe to say it must have been something significant for the Watch maker to have delayed.

It’s standard fare once the kickoff date for a new OS release has been go ahead with it and enact a fix afterwards. So, in that regard, Apple is bucking a trend for whatever that’s worth, not only electing to pull back an OS release but also declining to provide an exact new launch date.  MORE

Meanwhile, OSpazX has his own theory:

There have been a number of reports of the taptics going weird. Either no vibration at all, or in my case, it was more like air was blown out.

A full power cycle of the watch would fix it, but that's a pretty "serious" bug I'd say.  MORE

And Finally...
Everything is a Remix is a remaster

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