Zuck's non-reply about 'dislike' button, pushes dislike buttons

Zuckerberg: Single click doublespeak

Why can't Facebook have buttons like "I'm Sorry", "Interesting", or "Dislike"? A clear, straightforward question, so it's especially cringe-worthy Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg couldn't respond in kind after he was asked one similar at a recent Q&A event.

Zuck's waffling, sweaty, sort-of answer has become the Rashomon of social media. It's even kicked off a round of snarky Twitter sniping among a subset of tech bloggers, all arguing about the correct meaning of Mark Zuckerberg's interview coached, clear-as-mud reply.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers prefer to double-click.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

Molly McHugh, thou may clicketh upon Dislike button nigh:

During a Q&A at Facebook headquarters, [Zuckerberg] confirmed that [Facebook] is indeed working on some kind of Dislike button.  MORE

Will Oremus almost-sayeth the same:

Facebook is building a dislike button, [Zuck] almost-said...on Tuesday. What he actually said is that the company is working on something along the lines of a dislike button, although it won't be nearly that simple.  MORE

Straight from the sweaty, lathered horse's mouth:

We need to have more options than just a "Like" button. Why don't we have other options like "I'm Sorry", "Interesting", or "Dislike"  MORE

Jacob Kastrenakes empathizes with Facebook:

Zuckerberg says that Facebook's goal is to implement the button in a way that makes it a tool to "express empathy" -- as in, to Dislike a sad moment that a friend shared -- than a way to hurt someone.  MORE

Then, Duncan Riley lays it all out:

Demonstrating once again the pathetic nature of many "journalists" in not even attempting to confirm a story, various media outlets (including respected ones) reported Tuesday that Facebook was getting a dislike button.  MORE

Meanwhile, Scott Thrum gets the gist:

Yes, FB is working on a "dislike" button, but Zuck wants it only to show empathy for bad news.  MORE

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