How to uninstall default Windows 10 apps you never knew you had

If you've got Windows 10, you've got pre-installed apps you don't even know about. I've found a great free tool that finds them all and lets you delete them.

You'd be surprised at how many apps Windows 10 installs on your system without you knowing about them. Sure, you know about apps like OneNote, People, and Maps -- they've got big tiles right there on the Start menu. But how about Phone Companion? 3D Builder? You won't find their tiles there.

There are plenty of other pre-installed apps you might now know about. The problem is not just that you might not know they exist --- even if you do, you many not be able to uninstall them. For example, if you go to the Apps & Features section of the System app or to Control Panel to uninstall them, you won't find Phone Companion and 3D Builder, among others. And you can't uninstall what you can't find.

That's where 10AppsManager comes in. It finds nearly two dozen pre-installed apps and lets you delete them. Download it and extract its executable file. You don't need to do an install -- the executable is all it takes.

After you do that, just to be safe, create a Restore point. Now double-click the 10AppsManager executable file. You'll see a list of 23 pre-installed Windows 10 apps. Click any you want to uninstall, then click Yes from the screen that appears. That's all it takes. Bid the Windows 10 app good-bye.

You can later re-install the app, although it's not as easy as un-installing, as outlined by Ghacks here. You'll have to use the PowerShell app to do it.

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