Windows 10 commands to format USB flash drives with NTFS

Commands to format memory sticks with NTFS

Today's tip shows how to format a USB flash drive with NTFS using Command Prompt and PowerShell commands.

Command Prompt

This example shows how to "quick format" a memory stick mounted on D: drive to NTFS. The /V parameter assigns a volume label of "NTFS-USB", and /A specifies the standard NTFS cluster size of 4096 bytes.  

C:\> format D: /FS:NTFS /A:4096 /V:NTFS-USB /Q
Windows 10 format USB drive NTFS on command prompt Stephen Glasskeys

These commands return the D drive's file system information and NTFS cluster size:

C:\>fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo D: | find /n "File System Name"
C:\>fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo D: | find /n "Bytes Per Cluster"
USB drive filesystem info and cluster size Stephen Glasskeys


To perform same NTFS format operation in PowerShell, use this command:

PS C:\> Format-Volume -DriveLetter D -FileSystem NTFS -FORCE -NewFileSystemLabel NTFS-USB
Windows 10 format USB drive NTFS powershell Stephen Glasskeys

You can use the same commands to return drive information and pipe output through select-string to filter data:

PS C:\> fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo D: | select-string "file system name"
PS C:\> fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo D: | select-string "bytes per cluster"

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