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LogRhythm CEO hobbies

Andy Grolnick donned a suit coat and tie and readied himself for a frothy commute. The CEO of LogRhythm was among 200 people who tubed down Colorado’s Boulder Creek, outfitted in helmets and business attire, on July 14.

“There are pretty good rapids,” Grolnick says of the two-mile passage to LogRhythm’s offices, which took about an hour to navigate. It’s also cold. “It’s all run-off from the 14,000-foot peak. You’re definitely shivering at the end of the ride. It’s invigorating.”

This year, roughly 80 of the people who braved the creek for Boulder’s Tube to Work Day were from security analytics firm LogRhythm. It was Grolnick’s second year participating in the event.

For Grolnick, it’s a way to stay connected to employees while having fun. Just as LogRhythm’s corporate softball, basketball and hockey games give workers a chance to unwind outside the office and get to know more of their coworkers, the tubing event brings people closer together.

“From the beginning we’ve been focused on building a culture that we -- that anyone -- would actually enjoy working in,” Grolnick says.

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