Emoji. iOS 9.1 beta with updated emoji now available -- new emoji

Find the new 'middle finger' emoji

Apple has released iOS 9.1 beta to the public. So how's its performance, memory management, and task switching?

Who knows or (seemingly) cares? It appears we'll have to wait a bit for technical details, or at least until all of the excitement about iOS 9.1's new emoji characters dissipates.

Emoji, more emoji, find new emoji.

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Roger 'middle' Fingas flips...out over improved search:

[Wednesday,] Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 9.1 to developers, and now the company has made iOS 9.1 available to public beta testers.

iOS 9.1 is also believed to be the default install on the iPad Pro...in August, analytics firm Appsee tracked a device with the operating system that also matched the tablet's resolution. MORE

Juli Clover sniffs the air, smells "new OS":

Beta testers who have signed up for Apple's beta testing program appear to be receiving the iOS 9.1 beta as an over-the-air update, so it may be available to testers who were previously running iOS 9 beta 5.  MORE

Caitlin Dewey should join the Unicode Consortium:

Herein lies my concern, and annoyance, with the taco emoji. Despite the fact that iPhones are currently sold...around the world, and that emoji are...a sort of universal tongue, the sole priority seems to be what America eats.  MORE

Amit Chowdhry finds much to his liking:

About five months ago, Apple released iOS 8.3 with racially diverse emoji. Apple iOS 9.1...will include many more. The new emoji are based on 41 characters included in the Unicode 8.0 update.

Out of the newest emoji, some of the most highly anticipated characters includes the taco, burrito and middle finger.  MORE

We learn L.V. Anderson gets distracted by avian anatomy:

I keep getting distracted by how anatomically improbable the emoji is. The middle finger forms a 90-degree angle with the knuckles of the other digits. But this is not how fingers work.  MORE

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner has waited too long for iOS 9.1:

A middle finger emoji would be perfect.  MORE

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