The last minute guide to Apple September 9

The rumors are flying thick and fast and Siri's still not saying...

Apple will introduce new iPhones, an iPad Pro and a Siri-controlled Apple TV on September 9. Here's the latest update on what to expect:.


With Force Touch, the new iPhones (sans a 4-inch model) will host much-improved front and rear cameras (up to 12-megapixel). Significant performance improvements thanks to iOS 9 software improvements and the new (and powerful) A9 processor also debut. In comparison with iPhone 1, these deliver 64-bit desktop-class efficiency – the new Force Touch interface will enable much more versatility in app design. Hardware design is similar to the current models. Expect better 4G support says 9to5Mac. This will be the most popular smartphone since the last iPhone.

iPad improvements

Some claim Apple will indeed introduce the iPad Pro later this week. Others say iPads will see their own October event. Whichever proves the case, it’s a no-brainer to expect improvement across the iPad range as Apple seeks to put some momentum back into the range. Speculation of a new professional iPad was reinforced by the inclusion of new productivity elements within iOS 9. An iPad Pro also makes sense given the Cisco and IBM deals, though BlackBerry’s move to purchase Good Technology could open a new set of challenges for Apple’s enterprise ambition, given the key role Good plays in Apple’s enterprise MDM deployments. BlackBerry’s involvement could improve Apple’s enterprise offer, given the extensive enterprise experience of the Canadian firm. Some interesting insights and expectations of the new iPad Pro are available here from Gartner Research Director, Andrew Garver. The iPad mini and iPad Air will be significantly improved, with the smaller device being an iPad Air 2 equivalent.

Apple TV

It looks like Apple’s long-discussed plan for a television set have been shelved in favor of more modest ambition to transform the TV broadcast industry with better navigation. More storage and upport for games, the new set-top box will also offer TV, iTunes, games, music and more. We have expected Siri control of Apple TV for a long time and this will be made available later this week. Siri’s Proactive feature means your television will learn what you like, so it may identify when you watch shows regularly and gather these for you automatically. Eventually Apple TV should become capable of suggesting shows you may enjoy. Reports claim 4K video doesn’t feature in this release, which hints Apple’s holding back on an UltraHD movie service for the time being. It’s reasonable to assume the new Apple TV will be more expensive than the current edition, so the currently reduced price Apple TV could be a good purchase. Please read ‘8 Apple TV secrets every iOS user should know’.

WatchOS 2, iOS 9, OS X

Apple’s new operating systems will emerge from beta. Apple’s new WatchOS will be a particularly big deal. This will (eventually) enable truly native smartwatch apps and while achieving this is challenging (I’ve been watching Twitter for developer feedback on this), Apple must attempt to do so in order to evolve its wearable device to leave the phone behind.


Inclusion of Siri on the invitation makes improvements to Apples assistant a clear focus at the event. Is it coming to the Mac?

One more thing..

Apple’s booked out a bigger hall than ever to launch its new products. Some think this might be as a series of living rooms to demonstrate the new Apple TV, others speculate other introductions: MacBook Air upgrades? Apple Music improvement? An Apple Car (unlikely but in development for years)? Tune in to our live event coverage when it appears on Wednesday to find out.

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