Apple iPhone 6s gets '3D Touch Display' -- release date will be in 11 days

Or perhaps it's just a warmed-over iPhone 6

iPhone 6s 3D Touch Display Apple

iPhone 6s rumors say Apple will unveil 3D Touch Display on 9/9. Its secret sauce is Force Touch on steroids, according to deep-throated correspondents. Cue the hyperbolic adjectives and expectations of the release date on September 18.

As ever, these "people familiar with the matter" popped out of the woodwork at the perfect time to maintain Apple's narrative momentum. Why oh why do we get suckered into this blatant news manipulation every darn time?

Of course, the rumors could all be a pack of lies. We'll find out in a couple of days.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers suspend critical thought, yet again. Not to mention: Mark Gatiss...

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.
[Developing story: Updated 8:38 am and 12:37 pm PT with more comment]

Mark Gurman is summarizing "sources" (what a way to make a living):

The Force Touch feature in the new iPhones a next-generation version of the technology. According to sources...the new pressure-sensitive screen will likely be called the “3D Touch Display.”

The new iPhones will actually differentiate and...act upon three levels of pressure: a tap, a press, and a deeper press. 

This opens up the door to new user-interface tricks, such as shortcut gestures [and] developers will likely be able to create new types of games that take advantage.  MORE

And here are the Colm Gorey details: [You're fired -Ed.]

The Force Touch display [in] the most recent generation of Macbooks allowed for a series of gestures and two pressure-level touch controls to reduce the number of steps.

[But] the iPhone 6s’s 3D Touch Display...rather than having a tap and press system...will add a double-press interaction. ... While it should add some new tricks for the user to make interactions with mapping software and images that little bit faster, the gaming industry would be keen to [use it].

It goes without saying that Apple’s own apps like Music will be become heavily integrated with 3D Touch Display.  MORE

So Rik Henderson is miraculous:

Barring a miracle and thousands of industry experts being wrong, Apple will unveil at least two new phones...on Wednesday.

And it has long been thought that one of the new features both will adopt is a form of the Force Touch technology. ... We'll find out for sure from [10 am PDT] on Wednesday 9 September.  MORE

Yet Sead Fadilpašić is easy for you to say:

[It] will also make its way into the new iPad Pro where it will be leveraged by a non-traditional-looking stylus accessory.

[The Pro] will be announced on Wednesday as well, according to sources.  MORE

Meanwhile, Jack Purcher backs up the rumors with patent claims:

No wonder Apple tried to hide this patent in Europe until after it came to life in the new iPhone. [The] revelation actually turns out be fully supported by an Apple patent...filed back in January 2014: 

"Thus, the strain measured directly from the force-sensitive components...may be approximated, in one example, as a sum of three components:..the strain due to the force of the touch...the strain due to the pyroelectric effect...the strain due to the coefficient of thermal expansion."  MORE

Update 1: Gordon "bonny" Kelly calls it "a massive gamble":

Introducing a second, invisible type of touch could confuse users. After all how will someone know when to tap something or press it? It risks being a case of trial and error.

The results of a tap, press or strong press could vary wildly from app to app with no obvious ‘rule of thumb’ or on screen indications to what the differences will be. ... Tapping a photo would likely open it...but a press might save it in one app and delete it in another, while a strong press might delete it in one and save it on another. Apple will have to tread very carefully with developer guidelines. ... It would bring arguably even greater subtleties than we currently have with a mouse on desktop OSes.

It would also be a feature Android handset makers would struggle to popularise/copy until Google added native support...and there is no hint this will appear in the upcoming Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

[There's] a sizeable risk that it...does more harm than good.  MORE

Update 2: Vlad Savov looks to the copying competition (no not Samsung):

[The] formula of pushing the limits of specs and the boundaries of Apple's intellectual property is now being reprised by Huawei. [Its] big launch...this year is the 5.5-inch Mate S. That phone's headline feature? Force Touch. ... Huawei's not merely a rip off artist, it's a technically accomplished rip off artist.

And Huawei's Aspire line has been copying the Sony OmniBalance design gratuitously for years. ... The motion gestures of the Mate S have been ripped straight out of Samsung and HTC Android phones. ... There's also a perfect copy of Apple's iOS Spotlight search.

When Huawei takes risks on rumored new features, as it is doing with Force Touch, it does so in a limited manner. The Force Touch version of the Mate S will only be available in [places] where you can say "Force Touch" without being immediately slapped down by Apple's lawyers. 

Even if you never buy a Force Touch Mate S, you're now better aware of it. [And] you can convert that hype into sales. ... It's no accident that Huawei is the third-biggest smartphone vendor in the world. ... It might not be fair, but it sure is effective.  MORE

And Finally...
For all you Doctor Who and Sherlock fans: Interview with Mark Gatiss (audio)

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