Review: Canonical continues cloud push with Ubuntu 15.04

linux tux penguin
Nicolas Rougier

According to the latest statistics from The Cloud Market, Ubuntu now accounts for 59% of all images on the Amazon EC2 platform. Windows has 8% and the other distributions of Linux split the remaining 33%.

Ubuntu’s popularity is due to the operating system's regular updates, easily accessible images, and availability of enterprise-grade support. And, of course, the lack of license fees. With its most recent release, Ubuntu 15.04 -- "Vivid Vervet" -- Canonical builds on this advantage with continued emphasis on cloud features.

For example, cloud providers have differences in their infrastructures, from the kernel to the virtualization layer. Ubuntu has had certified images for Amazon, HP Cloud, and Microsoft Azure since 2013, and has recently also added support for the Google Cloud Platform, Joyent, CloudSigma, and Fujitsu, among others.

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